Digital Ecosystems need to be agile and provide customer centric experiences

Commerce in the digital age is complex and having a web presence means more than offering a website. Consumers today are demanding contextual experiences across all their devices, in real time. They no longer want to wait for companies to get back to them. They want all digital and physical customer touchpoints in a single, robust platform.

Dominion Advantage

True Omni-Channel Business

Consumers are blurring the B2C and B2B divide by expecting the same shopping experience in both their business and personal lives. The internet is an intrinsic part of the lives of the new generation of buyers. They’re used to being able to access all of their information online whenever and wherever they want. An omni-channel strategy combines multiple channels (physical locations, web stores, social media, etc.) to offer a fluid customer experience no matter how clients choose to get in touch. Consumers expect an omni-channel experience where they can view product information, analyze activities, account history, take delivery, return, and exchange across all channels. Consumers in B2C and B2B are demanding contextual experiences.

There is also the risk of having too much of your revenue coming from a large retail platform you don’t control. When you offer all your products on large aggregators such as Amazon or Alibaba, you cannibalize your own direct sales and lose higher margins. And these ecommerce platforms create unnerving implications for brand continuity and customer loyalty.

These aggregators aren’t going to go away, but there are proven ways to now nudge potential customers toward starting and ending at your own branded ecommerce site. Intrigo is uniquely suited to enable organizations like yours to compete and compliment the large online aggregators such as Amazon and Alibaba.

Dominion is also focused on Cloud enabled solutions. Cloud platforms are enabling new, complex business models, and orchestrating more globally-based integration networks in 2017 than many analyst and advisory firms predicted. The need to support a growing array of digital channels—Twitter, Facebook, mobile messaging platforms, mobile apps, Web collaboration, virtual agents, IoT, BOPIS, and more—grows every year.

Dominion can help you drive consistent and seamless customer experiences across all these channels and touchpoints. Our expertise in integrating Cloud enabled solutions by SAP, Oracle, Amazon, Google, Azure, and others can empower any IT organization that is resource, budget, and/or time constrained.

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