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Response and Supply 

Master Supply Planning and Response Intelligence

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What is Response and Supply?

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), which is powered by SAP HANA, is a cloud-based next-generation planning solution that can help overcome key supply chain challenges and enable organizations ensure smooth and efficient supply chain and planning processes. The solution was designed to improve efficiency, accuracy, and speed as a result of getting, organizing, and analyzing significantly large amounts of data with ease.

SAP IBP Response and Supply enables an enterprise to adapt and react quickly to changes and fluctuations in demand, by taking into account the impact on the entire supply chain, including production, procurement, and distribution in order to better fulfill customer needs. Response and Supply include both finite and infinite capacity mode. As a result of its what-if analysis capabilities, it provides organizations better visibility instead of potential scenarios, which helps improve decision making. IBP Supply and Response allow for mid-term and short-term supply planning, based on prioritized and categorized demand.

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Dominion Advantage

Re-engineering your supply chain with IBP requires intensive knowledge and expertise. Dominion has the people, tools, processes and experience to take your project to completion with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

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