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Subscription Order Management

Manage Subscription Orders Seamlessly 

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SAP Sales and Order Management is part of the end-to-end process offer to cash.   In the SAP BRIM architecture, the sales process is located in the CRM system, which means, campaign, offer, order and contract management are managed in the CRM system. Change processes to existing contracts are managed in the CRM system and  the fulfillment is triggered from the CRM system. In the CRM/SOM application a provider contract manages the long-term agreement for a technical service that the provider company offers to the customer. It is represented by a main rate plan item within a provider contract document.  A provider contract document contains one or more provider contracts. If a BP contains multiple provider contracts, they are independent of each other. A provider contract document is automatically created when Provider Orders are successfully released. Contract-relevant data is copied from the order to the contract document. Rate plan items in an order become provider contract items in the provider contract document.  Provider contracts cannot be created directly, they are only created through submitting a provider order. 


The primary master data objects are: Provider Contract, Business Agreement and the Business Partner.  

The business agreement is used to store controlling data for long-term business relationships with a business partner.  The data contained in a business agreement influences processes in invoicing, contract accounts receivable and payable, taxation, and correspondence processing.

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